Continental Roasts

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Peru Continental Roast Organic Fairtrade

Peru Continental Roast Organic FairtradeFrom:  £5.65

For all methods. On a light continental roast, this coffee has an incredibly flavoursome profile and aroma with a smooth and nutty, lightly continental.

Espresso No 3 Blend Organic Fairtrade

Espresso No 3 Blend Organic FairtradeFrom:  £5.65

The same beans as in Espresso 2 but more strongly roasted. This blend will make a strong espresso and a strong latte.

Espresso No 4 Blend Organic Fairtrade

Espresso No 4 Blend Organic FairtradeFrom:  £5.65

Our strongest espresso roast makes a really strong espresso and strong latte. Mild epsresso fans are not going to be delighted but latte drinkers will get a full flavoured drink which most will love.

Decaffeinated Continental Roast Organic Fairtrade

Decaffeinated Continental Roast Organic FairtradeFrom:  £6.90

For all methods. A flavour-filled roast for a wonderful late night milky coffee, this is a fabulous alternative for anyone who loves the taste of continental roasts but doesn't want the caffeine.

Italian Roast Organic Fairtrade

Italian Roast Organic FairtradeFrom:  £5.65

For strong espresso and cappuccino. Both organic and Fairtrade sourced. This is similar to our non organic Italian roast, but this one is more flavoursome and a richer coffee. A blend of fine Latin American arabicas including Guatemalan and Peru.

Italian Roast

Italian RoastFrom:  £5.40

For strong espresso and cappuccino. Although a very dark roast, this is less bitter than many dark roasts. Our pure arabica blend enables a strong flavour and aroma to come through without the bitter flavour of robusta.

Monsooned Malabar

Monsooned MalabarFrom:  £5.40

For all methods. Unique Indian Coffee on an Italian roast,  this is a coffee distinctive to the lush Malabar Coast of Kerala and Kamataka. The harvested beans are left exposed to the Monsoon, giving it a unique flavour and notes of spice.

Full Strength Continental

Full Strength ContinentalFrom:  £3.90

For all methods. Italian Roast with some Robusta for extra body. This adds a rough quality which mainstream coffee drinkers associate with a dark roast.

Strong French

Strong FrenchFrom:  £3.90

For all methods. This bitter, mostly robusta coffee is reminiscent of the traditional coffee found in Parisian cafés. It works best with either a lot of milk or a lot of sugar.

Wholesale Customer Special Offer

Wholesale Customer Special Offer

One kg of espresso coffee beans absolutely free.

Three different strengths in our sample pack

For coffee shops only.

Please let us have your business address and phone number.

To claim the offer please send us email on or call us on 0208 453 1144.

If you are a restaurant, school, office, or other bulk customer, the espresso sample pack, tailored for professional espresso machines, may not be what you need. Please call us on 0208 453 1144 and we can tailor some samples for you.


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