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History of Coffee

We supply espresso beans in 1kg bags for coffee bars; around 30 origins and roasts loose for delis; and a range of 250gm valve packs branded Coffee Plant.

Most of our coffee is in the £10-15 per kg range. We have three price tiers based on your average order.

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You can place your order on the phone and use this site for information.

Or you can register, see your special prices when you log on. Then you can order online at any time, pay as you go and avoid misunderstandings and lost phone messages.

Organic Fairtrade (OFT) coffee is Fairtrade coffee certified organic by the Soil Association. It will bring you new, committed customers who will give you word of mouth publicity.


Most coffee shops buy OFT coffees in band 3. Most popular with coffee shops, and the coffee we use in our own shop, is Espresso no 2. Some caterers, following the current trend for lighter roast espresso choose one of our medium roast single origin coffees like Colombian, Mexican or Honduras.

Type of coffee Base price £250 monthly order £250 weekly order
1 £15.10 * *
2 £14.40 * *
3 £13.40 * *
4 £10.10 * *
5 £9.70 * *

* Due to the volatility of the coffee market we have stopped displaying prices for higher wholesale volumes.Please email us at orders@coffee.uk.com or phone 0208 453 1144.


  1. Ethiopian Sidamo OFT, Sumatran OFT, Kenya Blue Mountain, Kenya Peaberry, Yergacheffe
  2. Rwanda, Colombian OFT, Italian OFT, Bolivian OFT, Guatemalan Medium OFT, Guatemalan Blend OFT, Cuban, Costa Rican, Decaffeinated OFT, Kenya/Colombia
  3. OFT arabica coffees for professional espresso: blends 1, 2, 3 and 4; Mexican OFT, House Blend OFT, Honduras OFT, Peru OFT Continental roast, Nicaraguan OFT, Monsooned Malabar, Malawi, Old Brown Java, Brasil Yellow Bourbon, Papa New Guinea
  4. Brasil, Full Strength Continental, Strong French, Italian non organic
  5. Bargain Blend pre-ground into 1kg valve packs: various blends and grinds


Order levels refer to all your orders from Coffee Plant, ie including coffee, sugar etc

Up to £250 monthly order £250 monthly order £250 weekly order
As per retail list 10% discount 20% discount

These products are packed with our label, many are organic or organic Fairtrade. For the full range see the retail price lists for tea and confectionery.


Minimum order: to qualify for trade prices you must be a caterer or retailer and order on average £150 per month or more. Carriage: £4.80 plus VAT, carriage free over £150. These rates do not apply to some outlying regions of the UK or abroad.

Grinding charge for powder (“Turkish”) 40p per kg.

These prices are for payment with order by credit or debit card. We regret that we only arrange credit with customers who regularly take larger volumes.


We normally deliver within two working days. Our carriers are DPD and UK Mail who offer online tracking and notification of delivery. They will often accept orders to leave in a porch but we advise you to give an address where there is someone to accept deliveries in office hours.

Managers: we advise you to maintain a “secret stash” of coffee to avoid panic deliveries which can be difficult or even impossible.