Work for Coffee Plant

Send us your CV and we will keep it on file until the next vacancy comes up. Send your CV to Coffee Plant at Please do not phone. Please say a little about yourself in the body of the email to make it clear that this is not just a stray junk email, which, unfortunately, we receive quite a few of.


Our staff tend to stay longer with us than the unfortunate minimum wagers at places like Nero. But, inevitably, someone leaves - on average every three months or so. We usually fill a vacancy pretty quickly with an ad in Indeed.

The problem for us is that we have to go through literally hundreds of poor quality applicants to find people with top barista skills. To avoid this, we'd like to hear from you in advance and be able to contact you when something comes up.


We have a small team in the Wembley factory unit, currently roaster, packer, production manager and a general office worker and book keeper. We may hire a marketing assistant soon. The team has to roast, pack, take orders on the phone, and process online orders for retail and wholesale. We have to be very vigilant over roasting consistency and we have to keep careful records, not only for the normal authorities, but also for the Soil Association and Fairtrade Foundation inspectors who rightly insist that there should be no chance of any mixups between certified and uncertified products.

Whatever your role we need people who are numerate, reliable and fit enough to operate in a factory environment.

At the office level, we need people who can do a bit of everything, talking to customers, using our accounts programme, covering if a packer is ill. We find that employment agencies and the Jobcentre work with categories that are too specialised.