Mexican Blend Organic Fairtrade 250g Ground Valve Pack

Mexican Blend Organic Fairtrade 250g Ground Valve Pack
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The reputation of Colombian coffee is such that it has sometimes shadowed Mexican coffee which, however, has nothing to envy to its neighbour. The rumour in the industry is even that, during coffee-rust epidemics, Mexican coffee beans were smuggled into Colombia and were passed for Colombian beans. They are that good!

Historically, Mexican coffee beans have often been used in blends as they bring out the flavour of the other beans they are married to, but this trend has slowly changed as people have discovered or re-discovered the unique character and the quality of Mexican coffee beans on their own.

Mexican coffee farms were severely impacted by low coffee prices in the 1990s, like many coffee-growing countries, which forced the industry to re-invent itself. Mexico invested heavily into a ‘reconversion’ towards organic farming and is now the largest producer of Certified Organic coffee in the world.

We bring the utmost care to every single one of our coffees and the beans we sell are roasted not by a computer applying profiles, but by our experience roaster who determines by eye when the level of roasting sought is achieved. These medium roast coffee beans will give you an exceptional result, whether you brew them with a filter or a cafetière.

Grown at altitudes of 600-1,900 meters above sea level

Harvested between November and March

Milled by washing and drying in the sun

Has the aroma of classic Central American coffee and chocolate tones

These beans are suitable for: mild latte and cappuccino, espresso, cafetières and filter.

Did you realize: our coffee packs are always 250 grams, not 225 grams as is often the case with mass market coffee.

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