Detox Organic Herb Tea

Detox Organic Herb Tea
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Normally contains Red Clover Flower, Nettle Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Rosehip Shells…

Said to aid the liver and kidneys to deal with toxins, from alcohol or other sources, this is the tea to choose after a party. The herbalist who devised this blend told us the main active ingredients are red clover and nettle leaf.

Unlike our coffees, our teas are all sold pre-packed. We source them ourselves, cut and blend them if necessary on the premises before packing them is small runs.

Teas mixed on the premises include Organic Breakfast Tea and herbal blends like Sleepeasy.

Before being exported teas are usually processed at origin. Black teas are fermented while drying and Green Teas are dried faster and not allowed to ferment.

Of the fermented black teas the strongest are teas that go through the (self-explanatory) crush tear and curl process known as CTC. But even just having small sized pieces (ie fannings) can make tea stronger as the surface area is increased

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